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zndiy bry 7rpm 150ma 40mm 12v dc replacement torque gear motor купить по лучшей цене

Description: This is a DC Mini Metal Gear Motor,ideal for making robots Light weight, high torque and low RPM. Fine craftsmanship,durable,not easy to wear. With excellent stall characteristics,can climb hills easily. You can also easily mount a wheel on the motor's output shaft. Specification: Rated Voltage:DC 12V Speed:300RPM Shaft Diameter:3mm Size:Diameter: 12 mm fuselage without shaft length: 26 mm Output axial length: 10 MM Screw: M3 Name:DC Mini Metal Gear Motor. Voltage range:6-12V model Parameter 12GAN20 Voltage Non-loaded Rated load stall Voltage range (V) Rated voltage speed (RPM) current (A) speed (RPM) current (A) torque (KG.CM) torque (KG.CM) current (A) 6-12 12 300 0.05 240 0.09 0.6 4.00 0.3 Features: Small volume, torsion big,all metal gear, durable, not easy to wear. Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC geared speed reduce motor on the machine. Widely used on Boat,Car,Electric Bicycle,Fan,Home Appliance. Dimension: Package Included: 1x Gear Motor
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