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If there is one opera house in the world synonymous with the music of Verdi it is theTeatro alia Scala, Milan. This concert from the sumptuous auditorium of La Scala was given in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Verdi's birth and comprises some of his best-known overtui rarer repertoire from the operas. It also celebrates Riccardo Chailly's appointment as La Scala s Principal Conductor and Music Director, following in such famous footsteps asToscanini, Serafin and de Sabata. The Filarmonica della Scala have this music in their blood and under Chailly deliver performances of precision and panache. Recorded live in HD. Содержание:01. Opening Titles Giuseppe Verdi 02. Nabucco Sinfonia03. Giovanna d'Arco Sinfonia 04. Jerusalem Introduction Jerusalem Airs De Ballet05. I. Pas De Quatre 06. II. Pas De Deux 07. III. Pas Solo 08. IV. Pas D Ensemble 9. I Vespri Siciliani Sinfonia I Vespri Siciliani Le Quattro Stagioni 10. I. L'inverno - Winter 11. II. La Primavera - Spring 12. III. L'estate - Summer 13. IV. L'autunno - Autumn 14. La Forza Del Destino Sinfonia
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