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Add color and sweetness to big celebrations and little everyday moments. Your new Frosting Deco Pen makes it so much easier than ever before. It is designed to help you create beautiful decorations on both store-bought baked pastry and home-made ones. The Frosting Deco Pen frees you up to concentrate on creating lots of sweet fun in the kitchen with family and friends. Features Battery powered Frosting Deco Pen. Gives you precise control for amazing effects--from clear writing to precise borders and shapes. Create Eye-Catching decorations with 6 different decorating tips. Give your cupcakes yummy seedless jelly center with the filler tip. Decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes at home like a professional. Specifications Name Frosting Deco Pen Type Decorating Tip / Frosting Cartridges / Filler Plates Battery Type 2 x AA Battery Package Weight 26.5 x 23 x 5.5 cm Package Size 500g Package Included 1 x Frosting Deco Pen, 6 Decorating Tip, 3 x Frosting Cartridges, 3 x Filler Plates, 1 x Color Mixer, 1 x Instruction and Recipe Booklet
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