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Specification -GSM network frequency Standard: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ universal GSM network applied. -External power failure alarm: Start-time: less than 1s -Alarm response time Less than 10s (GSM with normal signal) -Power requirements: AC110V~220V 50Hz or 60Hz -Standby lithium battery: DC8.4V 700-800mA -Working conditions Operating temperature: -20 to 60 Degree C -Humidity: 95% -Wireless frequency: 433MHZ -Language:Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish -Mobile phone App supported:IOS app and Android App -Can send SMS to switch the language Chinese /English /Russian /Spanish. Discription -Can send SMS to switch the language Chinese /English /Russian /Spanish. -Each zone has independent arm/disarm functions. -2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones. -With voice reminder when users operate the system. -Support two-way video communications -Can work with wired & wireless sensor. -Each wireless zone can use countless wireless sensors. -Users can pre-record a voice message in the system and playback when system is alarmed. -Send SMS text to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones to inform the user. -Users can use any phone to listen what is happening -Program and control the system by keyboard remotes SMS or phone. -Send SMS and Voice to inform users which zone is alarming when the system is triggered. -Use SMS to change the zone name & content. -Use SMS to inquiry the system status wherever. -With password protection System will inform users when incorrect password is tried 3 times -Wireless Emergency function (24 hours zone). -With Backup rechargeable battery system can work even if there is a power is failure. -Send SMS to inform you when there is a power failure or returns to normal. -Can set the installation address by SMS. -Can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network
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