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yobangsecurity touch keypad wireless home wifi gsm alarm system android ios app control outdoor flash siren pir alarm sensor купить по лучшей цене

Features: 1.100 wireless and 8 wire zones. 2. Up to 8 wireless remote control codes. 3 .Blue backlit graphic display clear message. 4.6 groups voice alarm phones (mobile phones) and two groups of telephone alarm receiving center. 5. Built-in calendar and clock alarm automatically records the time sequence of cases. 6. Message recording playback: recording synchronous playback audition recording. 7. Multiple defensive mode remote defense by telephone and keyboard defense and non-local remote defense defense defense regularly zone type 8.Programming: All areas can be programmed to alarm mode immediately and bypass the delay through the keyboard. 9. Alarm programming: intelligent voice recognition SOS alarm fire alarm gas leak alarm door alarm hall alarm window alarm balcony alarm and perimeter alarm 10.Ttimed defense and disarming : Host with automatic timing defense and disarmament . 11. Intelligent Music Alarm Clock: full voice prompts. When the defensive at home hosts music and voice alarm external siren mute in the case of defense the hosts voice alarm external loud siren alarm . 12. Password Recovery: Whether the host is in defense or disarm can recover lost password 13. Intelligent learning code: intelligent learning code and the detector is timely efficient convenient and simple to add . 14. Host Memory Status: Automatic memory of the host defense and disarming so that the host can automatically recover defense reset before power outage or shutdown. 15. Records check event: Host automatically record 45 defense-related information disarm and alarm events. 16. Line priority alarm: Host will cut the busy call and switch to lower -priority alarms alarm situation whether incoming or outgoing calls. 17. Phone disconnection detection: automatic detection and alarm warning disconnection vandal telephone line. 18. Remote control: via remote telephone (mobile) dial-up you can achieve a lot of operations such as defense disarming and on-site monitoring and control host. 19. Can be arbitrarily set the delay time. 20. Host is equipped with a rechargeable lithium host meets 3C safety standards and national standards GB12663 -2001. 21. Alarm centers internationally recognized protocol: Ademco Contact ID alarm communication protocols.
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