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1. GSM / SMS RFID Touch Alarm System; 2. ARM + Auror CPU; 3. Cellular communicator simple operation; 4. Two-way talk; RFID Touch GSM Wireless Home Security Alarm System with Flash Strobe Light Siren; Feature: ARM + Auror CPU; Support 10 remote controls 50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags; Built-in 1000000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability; Cellular communicator simple operation; Store 5 phone numbers 1 speed-dial number and 1 RFID SMS notification number; Exit and entry delay; SMS alert for low battery of two-way accessories; Arm and disarm the system by SMS or free phone call; Remote monitoring site via phone; Built-in loud speaker for siren and two-way talking; Built-in two pieces of 800mAh lithium batteries enable 5-hour standby; SMS alerts for power failure power recovery and low battery; 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM frequency applicable for universal; Specification: Product name: GSM/SMS/RFID Security Alarm System; Power supply: Input: AC 110~240V / 50~60Hz Output: DC 12V / 500mA; GSM working frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz; Standby current: 110mA; Alarm current: 340mA; Internal siren: 90dB; Internal battery backup: Lithium battery: 3.7V / 800mAh x 2 (BL-5B); Radio frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz (+/- 75KHz); Allowed amount of expandable wireless accessories: 10 PCS remote controls 50 PCS wireless accessories and 50 PCS RFID tags; Housing material: ABS plastic; Temperature:-10'C~55'C; Relative humidity: <=80'C (non-condensing); Product name: wireless PIR Motion Detector; Power supply: DC 9V 6F22 OLTS; Static current: <=50uA; Alarm current: <=9.5uA; Detection scope: 8m/110°; Transmission distance: <=80m(in open area); Radio frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz (+/- 75KHz); Operation Condition: Temperature: -10'C~55'C; Relative humidity: <= 80'C (non-condensing)

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