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Functions 1. Built-in GSM module send signal to alarm center by ADEMCO CONTACT ID protocol arm / disarm with SMS indication SMS remote control arm / disarm status. 2. Full voice indication: All local or remote operations alarm information and event record query have corresponding voice prompt. 3. User interface: LCD screen indicates every steps of operation working status alarming procedure more convenient and impressive. 4. 32 wireless zones: Each zone enables to auto learn code or manually enter address code on keyboard the panel compatible of all our made wireless detectors better to use these zones. 5. 4 wired zones: Connect resistor on wired zone terminals to achieve NO /NC alarm. 6. Enroll panel series wireless products: The panel can enroll at most 8 remote controllers 1 wireless door bell unlimited one-way wireless sirens. 7. Zone programmable: Every zone of the product has a factory default alarm type. User can modify them if necessary. 8. Enroll wireless devices: All wireless detectors and remote controllers auto enroll code or enter code manually. Each zone can enroll and delete remote controllers separately or delete all together. 9. Alarm receiving phone number: It can be set 2 CMS phone no and 4 common voice receiving phone no. 10. Clock: Built-in auto calendar/clock can be set as local time. 11. Event record query function: Totally record and check 150 different alarm event messages. Like the time of anti-tamper alarm detector alarm arm disarm low battery warning. And also enable to check alarm zone no and alarm type. 12. Password authority: Installer password mainly for administrator to program system user. password for user common operations as arm disarm system and remote control improving system’s safety. Both installer password and user password can be modified. 13. In central monitoring system user can set 4-digit user number based on different quantity of user. 14. Alarm type auto identify: After alarm triggered the LCD screen will display zone number alarm type. By networking alarm panel will report detail zone and alarm type to CMS. 15. Arm/disarm report to CMS : Optional 16. Remote phone control: Via telephone dialing and password verified to achieve remote control system as operations of arm disarm monitor indoor status system status query. 17. Alarm mode: By standalone phone dialing and GSM or CMS networking computer (ADEMCO CONTACT ID) both these two methods auto identify and compatible. 18. Anti-cut alarm: To cut off the wire between wired detector and panel the same as to trigger an alarm the phone connect to panel cut off that will auto trigger spot high siren to alarm. 19. Anti-tamper alarm: When someone intends to dismantle the panel deliberately once anti-tamper switch triggered it will alarm immediately. 20. Timing arm/disarm: Enable to set 4 groups timing arm/disarm time and by the preset times system arm /disarm automatically. 21. Timing test: According to preset time send message to CMS to check the panel online working status. 22. Voice phone alarm receiving: Panel alarm can via dialing user’s preset phone no to tell user alarm information. 23. Spot siren optional: Built-in siren can match with our manufactured wireless high siren. Both of them can set on or off according to user’s demand. 24. Voice speaker volume adjustable: Long press 1to enter volume setting press to plus press to minus. 25.Wire/wireless zone real-time monitor: Open this option while arming or disarming voice will indicate zone trouble status. 26.Wireless repeat relay function: Our made wireless repeater can achieve panel receiving signal from detector more stable . 27.Wireless detector low battery warning: When detector battery under-voltage it will send status report to panel every 1 to 2 hours if alarm situation happens LCD screen will display corresponding zone number and battery low voltage icon to remind user and report to CMS. 28. Press SOS key on the panel or remote to set panel built-in siren whistle or not. (Refer to 00 zone siren type) 29. During panel remote operating enter 4-digit user password firstly in case unauthorized user to operate it incorrectly. 30. Networking: PSTN and GSM two networks available which one priority in use is up to user. 31. Wireless door bell: Optional( this option takes up one zone) 32. GSM phone call function 33. RFID card SMS programmable 34. Support spot 15s recording function 35. Support portable mobile device APP software control.
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