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Touch keypad: LCD displays Date Day of the week Time and current Armed Status; 3 Band GSM/PSTN dual net-work. Support phone call alarm and SMS alarm automatically switch to GSM dialing when telephone line is cut; 29 wireless zones (each zone supports up to 4 sensors) and 2 dedicated zones for remotes (supports up to 4 remotes or wireless keypads per zone). Support 8 more wired zones. Can preset up to 5 phone numbers and dial in sequence. Intelligent logic analysis technology corresponding zone number and sensor name can be displayed. Record up to a 10 second greeting for the auto-dialer then play the greeting back. Arm / Disarm the system by 5 ways: SMS Main Host (Keypad) Wireless keypad Keychain Remotes or even remotely by phones. (PSTN alarm don't support SMS); Available in AC / DC With Low-voltage Indicators; Learning sensors to alarm host very easy operation; Non-volatile chip information stored automatically when off power; Check door / window status automatically (This is when the system is disarmed only if a door is opened it will sound fast "bi bi bi"); Support CID uploading to CMS (Center Monitoring Station) can user our GSM CID connector to have this function. Disconnection alarm auto priority to occupy the telephone and monitoring function to hear what is happening. Built-in Li-ion backup battery it will alert when low power or without external power supply; Store up to 100 alarm records and 100 arm / record; Specifications: Main Panel; Specifications: Network GSM / PSTN (Phone Line Cable); Working Power. AC 110~230V DC 12V 1A; Static Current: Alarm Current: Built-in Backup Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh (rechargeable); Standby: Around 8 hours; Full Charging Time: 12 hours; 3-band GSM: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz; GSM Transmit Power: 2W; Receiving and Emitting Frequency: 433MHz; Working Condition: Temperature: -10'C~+50'C; Humidity: Wireless Gap Detector (Door / Window Contact); Power Supply: DC 12V (inner 7.4V battery); Static Current: 20mA; Transmission Current: 15mA; Transmission Frequency: 433MHz +/- 0.5MHz; Transmission Distance: No Obstacle 80cm; Internal Distance: 15mm; Working Condition: Temperature: -10'C~+40'C; Humidity: 90% RH; Wireless P.I.R Detector; Features: Mainly monitor and control indoor space generally set as Morion zone; When human body enters into detecting area the sensor will transmit alarm signals to the alarm host; Specifications: Operation Power: 9V Alkaline Battery; Static Current: 100mA; Transmission Current: 20mA; Transmission Frequency: 433MHz +/- 0.5MHz; Transmission Distance: 30 meters; Detective Speed: 0.3~3m/s; Detective Distance: Maximum 10 meters; Detective Range: Horizontal 110 degree Vertical 60 degree; Working Condition: Temperature: -10'C~+40'C; Humidity: 90% RH; Remote Control: Features: To Control the alarm host to arm and disarm; With the emergency key for urgent help; Specifications: Operating Power: 12V 27A Alkaline Battery; Emitting Distance: 30m; Emission Current: 1215mA; Emission Frequency: f=433 +/- 0.2MHz; Emission Speed: T Working Environment: Temperature -10'C~+40'C; Humidity 90%
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