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Unlike traditional dental floss, the YAS LV-800S Electric Water Flosser creates rapid, targeted jets of water to comfortably - and thoroughly - remove harmful food particles, plaque and bacteria from between teeth and gums. Daily oral cavity assistant Reach where dental floss often can't with high-powered dental water flosser pulsing to help remove food debris, plaque and bacteria. Easy-fill water reservoir Clean teeth and gums longer between fills with a 150ml reservoir. Dual-speed pulse for enhanced dental care To help maintain healthier gums, pulse rate can easily be set to two different speeds; a high-speed pulse for normal, everyday cleaning, and a gentler, lower-speed pulse for children and those with sensitive gums. Build-in Li-ion battery 1800mAh battery capacity lasts about 35 days on a full charge. Quick, easy cleaning All parts are 100% waterproof, and each can be washed and rinsed thoroughly under the faucet, and dried with a clean, soft cloth. Warning: This product is specially used for oral cavity and not permitted to use for the eyes, ears and nose. Specifications Brand YAS Model LV-800S Capacity150mL Power SupplyBuilt-in Li-ion battery Water Pressure65-85 PSI PMUP Frequency3,100 times per minute Working Time30-45 seconds per fill Product Weight250g Package Contents 1 x Portable Water Flosser, 1 x Set of Accessories
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