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This Meridian Physiotherapy Massager combines theories of classical Chinese therapeutic treatments and modern microelectronic technology to produce a special massage for users. It features 3 levels of personal body shaping and toning to encourage the elimination of fatty tissue with the body. A must-have instrument for home use. Features Multi-function Provides instantaneous and historical data on Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed (average and gust), Wind Direction, Weather forecast, Barometric Pressure and Rainfall. Touch screen design Touch screen with a stylus makes it easy to operate. Connect to PC Built-in USB port makes it quick to connect to your PC. Data storage Allows the internal storage pf up to 4080 complete sets of weather data with time and date. Free PC software Easy to install and allows the display of all present weather data with graphic symbols. Thermo-Hygro sensor Measure temperature and humidity and transmits data to the monitor via 433MHz or 868 or 915MHz signals. Pressure history Display pressure history in the form of a bar graph. Weather warnings Mainly warn temperature, humidity, wind-cold, dew point, wind speed, air pressure and rain storm. Solar power The transmitter/sensor array is solar powered and with 2 AA rechargeable batteries. Environmental Low power consumption. Compatibility Support Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 Specifications Outdoor data Transmission distance 100m(300 feet) Frequency 433MHZ Temperature range -40°C- 65°C Resolution 0.1°C Humidity 10%-99% Rain volume display 0-9999mm Resolution 0.3mm(rain volume<1000m), 1mm(rain volume>1000m) Wind speed 0-160km/h(0-100mph) Measuring interval thermo-hygro sensor 48sec Water proof level IPX3 Indoor data Measuring interval pressure 48sec Temperature range 0°C- 50°C Resolution 0.1°C Humidity 10%-99% Resolution 1 % Measuring range air pressure 300-1100hPa Accuracy +/-3hpa under 700-1100hpa Resolution 0.1hpa Alarm duration 120sec Power consumption Base station 2 x AA batteries Remote sensor 2 x AA batteries Base station size 74 x 45cm Remote sensor size 17.2 x 12cm Weight 2.18kg Package Size 47.5 x 14.5 x 37.5cm Package Include 1 x base station, 1 x transmitter unit, 1 x wind direction sensor, 1 x wind speed sensor, 1 x rain gauge, 1 x USB cable, 1 x software, 1 x stylus, 1 x manual
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