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User Manual: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/img/321572.doc - With dual network of GSM + telephone cable so that the system is more secure and reliable. - With quad-band GSM module for global use. - Includes 2 wired zones and 99 wireless zones. - Supports code pairing with 8 wireless remote controllers. - LCD screen with a built-in clock. - With voice prompts for easy operations. - Supports an external intercom speaker. - Supports 3 groups of timed arming and 3 groups of timed disarming. - The main device can dial alarm calls to 6 preset phone numbers. - The main device can send text alarm to 3 preset phone numbers. - With 10-second manual recording function to leave messages. - With a built-in digital voice device to give voice alarm automatically. - With built-in SMS service to send alarm messages automatically. - Supports wireless alarm siren and control by wireless devices (customization). - With the One-Key-Control function you can conduct Away Arming Home Arming Remote Control Arming or Off-site Telephone Arming. - Alarm Location Programming: Help Fire Gas Leak Door Lock Living Room Window Balcony and Perimeter Alarm. - Includes multiple zone programming functions like Real-Time Delay 24 Hour Bypass. - With Wireless Self-learning Code Pairing new accessories can be installed conveniently safely and effectively. - Off-site remote control allows Main Device Arming Disarming Monitoring Intercom etc. - Arming Modes: Remote Control Real-Time Arming Away Delayed Arming Home (Stay) Arming Timing Arming Off-site Telephone Remote Arming. - Line Seizure: If an alarm happens the main device will cut off the busy line and give priority to make a call for the alarm. - With a built-in 7.2V lithium battery it can power the Alarm during a blackout. - Comply with the CCC Safety Standard and GB12663-2001 national standard. - Conform to ADEMCO Contact ID protocol (customization).
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