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waveshare vga ps2 board accessory transform test module for vga ps2 control connector blue купить по лучшей цене

This Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool is designed for heavy duty truck, 8 inch TFT touch screen is easy to operate, it can diagnotic the problems of the duty truck. It is worth for you to purchase this high performance Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool! Accurate Diagnosis Advanced and comprehensive diagnostic software platform can bring accurate diagnosis results. Touch Screen 8 inch touch screen brings more convenient operation. Great Tool It can diagnotic the problems of the duty truck, perfect for automotive technicians. PS2 Test Trucks: Cummins, Isuzu, Mack, Volvo, Man, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Hino, Iveco and DAF 1. MAN - the program, a wire, how many 16 Pin 2. Volvo - the program, wires 8pin,16pin,6+9 pin,14pin 3. Iveco - the program, wires 30pin,38pin,16pin 4. DAF - the program, wires 16 pin PS2 Function: test sensors, injectors cut off, pressure test, turn on and off sensors;and has trouble shooting and tech tips and reset max speed of volvo, man, cat Software: EuropeanVOLVO, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, MACK, DAF, IVECO, ERF,Astra, Bremach , Renault Asian ISUZU,HINO,FUSO,HYUNDAI.KIA.UD USACAT,CUMMINS,DEROIT ChineseYUTONG,SHAANXI.SANY,KINGLONG,SINOTRUCK,JAC,FAW,DONGFENG,BEIBEN,WEICHAI POWER Functions of VCI diagnostic box: The box is bridging the PS2 mainframe and the automobile diagnostic base. It is called lower position machine. This diagnostic box has two connections, the DB15 connection and the OBD II connection. The main testing line connects the PS2 mainframe with the DB15 adapter. The OBDII connection could link with the testing adapter (PS2 with OBDII diagnostic base could directly link with automobile connection base) Because the blue-teeth communication module is installed in the VCI diagnosis box, the PS2 mainframe could proceed the diagnosis without the main testing line. The on-line diagnosis should be changed to the wireless diagnosis mode on the menu.serial port: Uses in the main body debugging. It supports all protocols and all modes for the OBD II. PS2 can do Car year before 2010,and few parts of car year after 2010. Specifications Name Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool Brand Xtool Model PS2 Package Weight 5000g Package Size (L x W x H) 56 x 45 x 16 cm Package Content 1 x Xtool PS2 HD Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool Kit
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