Viltrox fc 21c wireless ttl high speed synchronous flash trigger for canon dslr 1 8000s max - купить  
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viltrox fc 21c wireless ttl high speed synchronous flash trigger for canon dslr 1 8000s max купить по лучшей цене

Features: Supports high-speed synchronous 1/8000s integration of wireless TTL big index flash to achieve the industry's highest cost performance high-speed synchronous deputy light. GN60 @ IOS100 200mm; efficient use of energy high-output flash. Wireless flash shooting SN600S can accept 600EX-RT/600EX/580EX II SB-910/900/800/700 7D/60D/650D/600D flash N and C optical transmission signal. Slave Nikon Slave Canon of optical transmission signal trigger SN2 SN2 light lead flashing mode all can achieve high-speed sync flash. Support exposure compensation bracketing exposure lock high-speed sync aperture preview angiography flashing lights and so on. TTL and Nikon models from the machine top can support curtain sync flash. Recycle time full light output is less than about 3 seconds fast flash recycling time is less than 2 seconds. With firmware upgrade systems. Fuselage external interface is complete. C.Fn custom features. Large-size LCD display: The SN600S is equipped with large-size LCD screen easy clear intuitive view or set the flash of the function and easy to use Full support for Canon system Gr wireless master / slave full-featured lead flashing. Support Shanny 2.4G wireless flash master / slave full-featured lead flashing. Specification: Type: on-camera off-camera TTL high speed sync flash Flash index: approx. 60 (200mm flash coverage IOS 100 in meters) Flash coverage: 20-200mm (when using wide panel of 14mm); set manually Reflection: 90° up 7° down 180° left/right Exposure control system: off-camera E-TTL/i-TTL automatic flash manual flash strobe flash Flash exposure comprehension: 1/3 stop increments ±3 files Manual flash: 1/128-1/1 power (1/3 stop increments) Stroboscopic flash: 1-199Hz Modeling flash: use the cameras depth of field preview button for flash Normal flash recycling: less than 3 seconds Quick flash recycling: less than 2 seconds Wireless transmission connection method: optical pulse Wireless setting: slave Channel: channel 1-4 Transmission distance: indoor: about 0.7 to 15 meters; outside: about 0.7-10 meters (front) the horizontal direction ±40° vertically ±30° for the control unit Flash ratio control: 1:8-1:1-8:1 (master unit setting) Flash power: 4 x AA batteries Battery life: about 100-700 flashes Compatibility: All Canon Nikon cameras Camera speedlite like 600EX-RT/600EX/580EX II SB-910/900/800/700 Canon7D/60D/650D/600D etc. Nikon D90 D7000 D7100 D5100 D3200 etc.
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