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The only resource devoted Solely to Inductance Inductance is an unprecedented text, thoroughly discussing «loop» inductance as well as the increasingly important «partial» inductance. These concepts and their proper calculation are crucial in designing modern high-speed digital systems. World-renowned leader in electromagnetics Clayton Paul provides the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and calculate inductance. Unlike other texts, Inductance provides all the details about the derivations of the inductances of various inductors, as well as: Fills the need for practical knowledge of partial inductance, which is essential to the prediction of power rail collapse and ground bounce problems in high-speed digital systems Provides a needed refresher on the topics of magnetic fields Addresses a missing link: the calculation of the values of the various physical constructions of inductors—both intentional inductors and unintentional inductors—from basic electromagnetic principles and laws Features the detailed derivation of the loop and partial inductances of numerous configurations of current-carrying conductors With the present and increasing emphasis on high-speed digital systems and high-frequency analog systems, it is imperative that system designers develop an intimate understanding of the concepts and methods in this book. Inductance is a much-needed textbook designed for senior and graduate-level engineering students, as well as a hands-on guide for working engineers and professionals engaged in the design of high-speed digital and high-frequency analog systems.
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