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usb2 0 usb 2 0 to rs485 rs 485 rs422 rs 422 db9 com serial port converter adapter cable ftdi chipset 1 8m magnetic ring led купить по лучшей цене

Brand YUANXIN Model YXB-06 Quantity 1 Piece Color Black + silver Features It's bidirectional converter between RS232 and RS422; Application between the host computers between the host computer and the microcontroller or peripherals constitute point to point multi-point remote multi-machine communication network; Widely used in industrial automation and control systems card access control systems parking systems self-service banking system bus charging system Canteen Systems company employee attendance management system highway toll system PLC and PLD systems etc; Converted into a four-wire balanced full-duplex RS-422 signal from the sent TXD and received RXD of RS232 serial port; No external power supply directly from RS-232 port 3-pin power supply and also by 7-pin request to send (RTS) 4-pin Data Terminal Ready (DTR) to HEXIN- auxiliary power supply; Easy installation; Interface is compatible with EIA / TIA of RS-232C RS-422 standard; Electrical Interface: RS-232C terminal DB9 hole connector RS-422 side DB9 pin type connector with terminals (six wire); Working mode: asynchronous full-duplex; Transfer rate: 115200~9600bps 1.2Km can reach 57.6Kbps; Transmission distance: 5 meters (RS-232) 1200 m (RS-422); Communication Protocol: Transparent; Working temperature: -10'C~85'C; Relative humidity: 5%~95%; Signal: RS-232: TXD RXD RTS CTS DTR DSR DCD GND / RS-422: TX + TS-X- RS-X + RX- GND. Packing List 1 x RS232 to RS422 serial adapter set
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