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usb mini spectrum lamp 2 13 music audio spectrum lamp voice control music spectral sensitivity adjustable spectrum купить по лучшей цене

DIY AS1424 Music Spectrum LED Flashing Kit TOP Audio Spectrum Introduce: Using 32-bit high-speed processor that can capture every detail of the music and displayed. This spectrum of ranks are using a dedicated chip driven, dynamic display. Timeliness and accuracy of the spectrum is very good, excellent visual effects. Power: DC 5V, using a common USB interface, all devices with USB interface can be powered, such as computers, cell phone chargers and power bank. Feature: MIC (electret microphone) and LIN (line input) two kinds of signal acquisition mode; With professional pure hardware AGC peripheral audio processing circuit. This product can be used car music spectrum, since cars generally do not have an audio output port, this product built-in high sensitivity MIC collection, just need power with USB port can be used (if no USB interface need a (12V to 5V) cigarette lighter to USB converter). Three kinds of classic mode, single frequency spectrum, spectrum + peak hold, floating point, with power off memory; 5 level adjustable brightness, wide range adjustable brightness, luminance values with power off memory; 5 level spectrum adjustable speed, can adjust according to personal preference; Total has 24 frequency bands (marked with precise frequency) each 14 points, top 4 rows using red LED. Description: Color: White, Black (Optional) Size: 18.5 x 9 x 1.2cm Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and manual ability. (Package does not include EN instructions.) File download : Click here to open Package included: 1 x DIY AS1424 Music Spectrum Kit
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