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Get instant alerts of the water leak to avoid burst pipe disaster with the LifeSmart LS064WH Smart Water Leak Detector. It automatically detects water leakage where it's placed, and alerts you by pushing App notifications on your smartphone with its LED indicator flashing. And it will trigger the Lifesmart Smart Station to work with other LifeSmart products set by you. 3 Automatic DetectionThe sensor will be immediately triggered when water leak is detected, the probe is pulled out, or the battery voltage is under 2.2v. App Notifications The sensor sends an alert to your smartphone at the first sign of excess water. Flashing LED IndicatorThe LED indicator will blink for 10 seconds when there's a water leak. Works with LifeSmart productsThe sensor will auto transmit alert signals to the Smart Station to trigger other LifeSmart products like the smart plug or IP camera set by you. Easy to install No wire needed. The sensor can be effortlessly installed in minutes. Note: Must be used with LifeSmart Smart Station (sold separately). Specifications BrandLifeSmart Model LS064WH Name Water Leak Sensor Working Voltage3C (CR2450 battery) MountOn the wall Detection Method Sensor Probe Max. Load 2500W (250V 12A) Low Voltage Alarm2.2V Transmission Frequency 433MHz Transmission Range 100m Probe Wire Length 1.8m
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