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ultrafire tr 18500 3 7v 1600mah rechargeable battery купить по лучшей цене

Brand UltraFire Model WF-502B Quantity 1 Color Black Material Harden aluminum laser color Green Laser Power 5 mW Wave Length 532 nm Excitation Mode Optical Pump Working Mode Continuous laser Working Voltage 3~3.7 V Working Current 250~350 mA Spot Mode (Spot size) 6m Battery Configuration 1 x 18500 (included) Functions Perfect to be used as a pointer for long distance indication or other outdoor activities Other Feature Switch location: Tailcap; Switch type: Forward clicky; Working range: 1000 meters; Working temperature: 0~35'C Packing List 1 x Laser pointer 1 x 18500 1400mAh battery 1 x Battery charger (AC 100~240V / 2-flat-pin plug)
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