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truck mdvr gps positioning vehicle monitoring host ahd4 road coaxial video recorder vehicle monitoring equipment купить по лучшей цене

Brand PORTWORLD Model GT02A Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Black Material Environmental plastic Network GPS GPRS GSM Band 850 900 1800 1900 MHz SIM Card Qty. one SIM Emergency Phone Number Qty. Four Tracking Information Method GPRS SMS Monitoring and Controlling platform Power Supply 9-24V GPS Chip Antenova M10382 GPS Sensitivity 159 dB GPS Channel 20 Position Accuracy 5-10 m Altitude Limit Unlimited m Hot Start 2 seconds Warm Start 32 seconds Cold Start 38 seconds SOS No Geo-fence No Vibrating Alerts No Remote Monitoring Yes Engine Cut Off No Realtime Monitoring Yes Track Playback No ACC Anti-Theft No Overspeed Alerts No Low Battery Alerts Yes GPS Blind Area Alarm No Voice Call No Waterproof Function No Waterproof Rate No Working Temperature 20~70'C Working Humidity 20%-80%RH Other Features This product is mainly used for the theft deterrent of cars motorbikes and electric bicycles. Through the smart GPS positioning method this tracker can get the cars latest position driving speed and driving direction at any moment. This tracker is precise positioning and its easy and convenient to install and use it. 1. High-precision quadband GPS positioning system; 2. Remote monitor GSM /GPRS network alarm.3. Real-time checking the state of vehicle and tracking vehicle; 4. Support SMS positioning and network platform positioning. Packing List 1 x PORTWORLD GT02A tracker (9cm cable) 1 x power line (150cm) 1 x Chinese manual 1 x English manual
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