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1.39 Inch AMOLED HD Display AMOLED outdoor display screen with 1.39 Inch size, 454*454 pixels, can clearly display in sunlight, which further exaggerates its quality and beauty. Heart Rate Monitor With TruckSeen 3.0 intelligent heart rate monitoring, AI smart heart rate algorithm, fast and accurate. It can accurately monitor pulses and the active and resting heart rate changes to generate a professional heart rate report. Three Satellite Positioning Systems It has three satellite positioning systems: GPS + GLONASS + DIPPER positioning system, which makes positioning fast and precise. 5ATM Waterproof It bears 5ATM rating meaning that one can go for a swim with it. It supports automatic identification of swimming strokes and times, calculation of swimming efficiency index, distance, time, calories, etc. Multiple Sports Modes It has multiple sports modes for real-time recording of sports whether you are running, cycling, swimming or climbing. Long Standby Time Dual chips architecture, intelligent power saving algorithm. Equipped with a 420mAh battery, it can last for 2 weeks of daily use. Built-in NFC Smart payment technology, bus, and subway can be used. Hardware Brand: Huawei Model: Honor Watch GT Available color: Black/Silver Bluetooth version: 4.2 Water resistance:5ATM sensor:Accelerometersensor,Gyroscopesensor,Magnetometersensor,Opticalheartratesensor,Ambientlightsensor,Barometersensor Functions Bluetooth call: Phone call reminder, Message reminder, Email reminder, Health t...
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