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Project Report from the year 2017 in the subject Medicine - Hospital Environment, Clinical Medicine, grade: A, University of Nairobi, language: English, abstract: A research was done to establish Green practices and performance of government hospitals in Nairobi County. The study had three research objectives, namely: to answer to what extent Green supply chain management is practiced in Government Hospitals in Nairobi County; to determine the practices in Healthcare supply chain management that enhances performance in Nairobi County; and to establish the challenges faced in the implementing Green supply chain management practices in Government Hospitals in Nairobi County.The research design used was a census survey, frequencies and percentages were used to analyse and represent objective one regression analysis was used to analyse the relationship between Green supply chain management practice and performance of Government Hospitals .the finding were represented in tables. It emerged that there is a significant relationship between green supply chain practice and performance. Data was collected using a questionnaire, that was administered through drop and pick later method. Percentages and frequencies were used to analyse the first objective, while objective two and three correlation and regression methods were utilized. Findings from analysis of objective one indicated that most of the government hospitals in Nairobi had implemented a number of green supply chain management...
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