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The Rolling Stones - Under Review 1967 - 1969 is a 90 minute documentary film reviewing the music and career of the band during, arguably, their most creative period. In the second half of the 1960s the sound of the Stones changed dramatically, while concurrently Jagger and Richards' songwriting hit an all time high. These advances didn't just affect The Rolling Stones forever, they changed Rock n' Roll forever too. Features Include- Rare Musical Performances, many never before available on DVD- Obscure footage, rare interviews and private photographs of and with the band- Contributions from; 1960s NME editor and friend of the band, Keith A Itham: Village Voice music editor, Robert Christgau; Stones backing vocalist, Merry Clayton; Stones session musician, Byron Berline; Rolling Stones biographer, Alan Clayson; Keith Richards biographer, Kris Needs; ex-Rolling Stone magazine editor Anthony DeCurtis, Mojo magazine's Barney Hoskins, Uncut magazine's Nigel Williamson and many others- Live and studio recordings of Stones classics including; I u in pin' Jack Flash, We Love You, No Expectations, Sympathy For The Devil, Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter, Honky Tonk Women and many others- Comment on and footage of many of the Stones' pivotal influences during this period
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