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Brand N/A Model DBL-370 Quantity 1 piece(s) Type Car Washes / Cleaner Tool Material ABS high plymer material Color Black + White Function To collect the dust and water inside the car. Other Features Include suction dust nozzle and suction water nozzle; Built-in fuse in the power plug safe and zero accident; 1. Special streamline design confirms to the ergonomic principle one-button switch. 2. Double-side exhaust design two-layer filtration dual protection. 3. The shell adopts high-quality ABS high polymer material super strong horsepower convenient and easy to use. 4. Include elongated suction dust nozzle 2.6cm extension cable cleaning in one step Packing List 1 x Vacuum cleaner (260cm-cable) 1 x Suction dust nozzle 1 x Suction water nozzle 1 x Chinese user manual
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