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Revision with unchanged content. The phenomenon of street children is a growing problem in developing countries, including Ghana. To begin a dialogue of possible solutions to the problem, it is imperative that we understand the phenomenon and its intricacies. This study examines the phenomenon of street children in Accra, Ghana. The book highlights the general characteristics of street children in Ghana, which includes how the phenomenon of street children is defined by street children in Ghana, officials of government and non government agencies working with children in Ghana. The study also focuses on how the general public perceives street children in Ghana and the factors that account for the phenomenon of street children in Ghana. The methodological inquiry is a phenomenological case study approach. This approach is appropriate as it helps one to understand the complexities of the phenomenon through the experiences, perceptions and perspectives from a holistic standpoint. This study provides a unit of reference for government agencies responsible for children’s welfare, social work agencies and advocates for children. Most importantly, this study provides an opportunity for the buried voices of street children to be heard.

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