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Satrece, a young Texas-born, contemporary woman finds herself all alone in this world after the death of her father. Yearning for healing and recovery, she travels to Bali, Indonesia and soon discovers the way of life she wants to live.She builds a thriving furniture business on Java, in the jungle, amidst the mahogany and teak forest, despite the harsh conditions and daily challenges of language and culture barriers. Satrece becomes deeply attached with the native people, and cares for them as if they were her family.Her one year plan quickly turns into a five year plan, extended to a ten year plan. In a flash, it’s 15 years later and she finds herself thoroughly immersed in her fulfilling life between Bali, Java and exploring the waters of Southeast Asia with her own yacht and crew. She feels complete in this life she has created.But love may have other ideas for Satrece… In the airport, she meets an American man named Ron who has a confident and commanding presence. He becomes determined to win her heart and travels to Indonesia in hopes of romancing her. Despite their intoxicating attraction, she thinks has no room for him in her life and little interest since he lives oceans and continents away.Will Satrece allow him to enter her world? Will love be allowed to blossom, will their attraction survive coming from such different lives?Read “distraction” (the first of a three-part series) to find out. Note from the author:“As I lived my life in remote Indonesia, it never ceas...
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