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Keep your pack light and your travels far with this Keith KT320 300mL Titanium Bowl. This meal ready bowl is made from nearly weightless, super strong titanium to let you have what you need to better enjoy life on the trail. It features foldable hand grip for easy use and storage. Putting this featherweight bowl in your pack, with other titanium cook ware, will let you carry everything that you need to make a complete meal without slowing down your travels. It is great for everyday home use also. Comes with Foldable Hand Grip Convenient to use and store, space-saving. Titanium Material Ultra lightweight for you to put it in your backpack. Tasteless & Odorless Maintain the original taste of your delicious food. Backpacking & Home Use Can be used for both eating and cooking. Specifications Name Keith KT320 300mL Titanium Bowl Brand Keith Model KT320 Capacity 300mL Feature Foldable hand grip Material Titanium Product Weight 47 g Product Size 125(D) x 45(H) mm Package Weight 60 g Package Size 14 x 14 x 6 cm
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