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“Antwaneisha”, “Brionshay” and “Tayvion”—for some, pronouncing these names are a daunting task, and for others, it’s a symbol of cultural identity. Black Names Matter: The Black Names Book defines names commonly referred to as “Ghetto”, “Ratchet” and “Hood”, in American society by dissecting them.  The lesson that the book teaches is that the majority of “Black Names” aren’t  African, but are unique names that come from combinations of two or more names, names constructed with common prefixes and suffixes, and much more. In many cases, names are “conjugated” with a formula that can be applied to names such as "DaNiqua", "LaNisha", and "Tayshaun". The book also contains research on the impact Black names can have on getting a job interview. In addition, the book has a glossary of "common" American names from which Black names are derived. Black Names Matter: The Black Names Book is the first installment in what may be an ongoing investigation into unique naming conventions used by different ethnic groups in America. As well as a second edition to this book from the suggestions received by readers to our author. Reader suggestions for names can be emailed to: blacknamesbook@gmail.com.

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