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Increasing populations of human is the key problem of habitat depletion of wild animals. Extension of human habitation minimizing the pure forest land, as a result, wild animals are losing their living ground. Conflict is nothing but the competition between two or more organisms for their survivality. The arid zone of India, Rajasthan giving shelter to lots of wild animals, though maximum area comes under desert. Rajasthan is the desert state in North-West part of India, which providing a challenging and good habitat for wild populations. As highly adaptable, Sloth bear are inhibiting every corner of the jungle of Rjasthan, where human populations are slowly increasing. Due to habitat loss and increasing human population, statistics of Human-Sloth bear conflict increases in Rajasthan. Here in this book author is trying to elaborate the nature of the conflict and casualties between human and sloth bear in Rajasthan during last few years. This book is aimed to the wildlife lovers and research person who is enthusiastic to know about the nature and interaction between human and animals. Little description about five protected areas of Rajasthan is also included here in this book.

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