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The Asian University for Women (AUW) is being established as a leading institution of higher education for underprivileged women across South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It will help re-instill the value of knowledge in changing societies and indeed demonstrate that no class or group in society as a monopoly on talent. The permanent campus of Asian University for Women is in mention with approximately 104 acres of land. B.Arch. thesis projects are mainly based on analysis and design; there are great opportunity to design the University cause of natural topography and analysis the cultural heritage and women position of the region. Knowledge is the ultimate concern of university pupil. Knowledge expands through changing ideas. So we create spaces for changing ideas. In my design I provide a sequence of continuous courtyards for sharing ideas and water basins in the valley act as the principal organizing device for academic structures. Campus must be “a learning environment, not just in the classrooms but everywhere,” All the in-between spaces outdoors, the campus streets and byways, the plazas and the courtyards — every place design to gather and pause.
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