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sunguy earphone professional in ear earbuds metal heavy bass sound quality music headset with mic for xiaomi samsung mp3 mp4 купить по лучшей цене

S.Wear G2 In-ear Earphone With Mic is lightweight and its weight is only 15g, ideal for listening during exercise every day. Its in-ear design, dual dynamic drivers, microphone provides users with high quality music and talk sound effect and comfortable wearing feeling. The 6mm dual dynamic drivers and top-graded diaphragm will enhance the sound of your music for a impressive audio sound effect. Designed with soft silicone earbuds, the S.Wear earphones allow you to comfortably listen to music for hours and avoid any pain. With a built-in microphone the S.Wear allows you answer incoming calls and control music play. Dual Dynamic Drivers 6mm dual dynamic drivers + top-graded diaphragm enhance your music with high-fidelity audio for better sound. 3.5mm Gold-plated Audio Jack No-loss sound connection to your audio device, such as smartphones, tablets, MP3, MP4 etc. Wired Control Supports answering and ending calls/music play and pause/voice control/song switching. With Microphone Allows your ear phones to act as a headset for hands free calling capability. Soft Silicone Earbuds Wear comfortable to avoid any pain after hours of wearing and 3 different sizes of earbuds fits the contours of your ears. Specifications Brand S.Wear Model G2 Wearing Type In-ear Microphone Yes Wired Control Support Driver Unit Dual 6mm unit Plug Type 3.5mm Rated Power 5mW Receive Sensitivity 110dB/mW Impedance 8Ω Frequency Response 20Hz-24kHz Product Weight 15g Cable Length About 1.2m Package Weight 50g Package Size (L x W x H) 6 x 5 x 3 cm Package Contents 1 x S.Wear G2 In-ear Earphones, 2 x Pairs Earbuds, 1 x Manual
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