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A volume in Educational Policy in the 21st Century: Opportunities, Challenges, and SolutionsSeries Editor Bruce Anthony Jones,University of South FloridaThis volume of The David C. Anchin Research Center Series on Educational Policy in the 21stcentury: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions focuses on tribal colleges and universities. As arecent member of higher education community, tribal colleges and universities provide a uniqueperspective on higher education policy. Policies and structures rely increasingly on native cultureand traditions and yet provide the framework for academic rigor, collaboration, and relevance.Tribal Colleges and Universities have played an integral role in the growing numbers of studentswho attain the bachelor's degree. According to Ward (2002), these colleges and universities experienceda five-fold increase in student enrollment between 1982 and 1996. As it stands today, approximately 142,800 American Indiansand Alaska Natives who are 25 and older hold a graduate or professional degree (Diverse, 2007), and Tribal Colleges and Universitieshave been integral to this graduate level attainment.With this edited volume, Dr. Linda Sue Warner and Dr. Gerald E. Gipp, and the invited scholarly contributors, have provided a comprehensiveexplication of the phenomenal history of Tribal Colleges and Universities in the United States and the policy issues and concernsthat these colleges and universities face.
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