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Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS is a first-of-its kind reference for the millions of people who are seeking to serve on a nonprofit board or already serve on one. It is a fun, informative read that candidly highlights a board member's ups and downs. Perfect for the novice, the veteran who needs a refresher, or the executive director looking to take the group to a higher level; it has been acclaimed by experts as the resource that the sector been waiting for. The book takes the reader through the process of searching for a board, the first year of membership, into the leadership realm, and beyond. It is ideal for these purposes: Decision-making tool for finding the right board Board orientation takeaway Board meeting reference Board development resource Executive director training Nonprofit training text The book and its appendices contain a number of templates and sample documents that will help any nonprofit strengthen its value. Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS moves sequentially through the stages of nomination, early candidacy, and more advanced topics: Part 1: Board Service with Your Eyes Wide Open Chapter 1: Why Would Anyone Want to Serve on a Nonprofit Board? Chapter 2: Board Basics Chapter 3: Just the Facts Chapter 4: Finding the Right Match Chapter 5: Getting From Here to There: From Candidate to Board Member Part 2: Hit the Ground Running Chapter 6: Ready, Set, Action! Wait, Who Does What? Chapter 7: Board Anatomy 101 Chapter 8: Bylaws, Articles of Inco...

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