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The SYLABBLE D700 is a wireless sport earphone that features Bluetooth 4.1 for hands free use and an ear hanging design for more secure, comfortable listening. Its high resolution sound and soundproofing technology allow for greater listening enjoyment. Ear Hanging Design More stable and difficult to drop from your ear, which helps a lot especially if you like to wear this Bluetooth earphone while doing sports. Control by Wire Built in microphone, you can make phone calls, adjust the volume and switch the music forward or backward with the remote control. Great Sound Proofing Outstanding noise proofing, fits your ears more closely, provides you with clear and great sound performance. Low Impedance High Sensitivity Easy to match with your digital devices, compatible with MP3 player, tablet and mobile phone, make it easy to enjoy music anytime. Colorful Choices There are different versions in different colors are there for you to choose. High Resolution Equipped with high resolution, reproduce the timbre of different instruments and sound, especially middle and high frequency human voice. Specification Model D700 Bluetooth Version V4.1 Frequency Range 2.4GHz-2.48GHz Bluetooth Range 10M Audio Transmitting Protocol A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP Compatible Device with Bluetooth Battery Lithium Battery Working Time 5 hours of playing, 180 hours of standing by Working Temperature -10°C-50°C
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