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video The solar power floating water fountain utilizes an energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar technology, which enables the fountain to function on its own, without the need of backup batteries or electricity. Creating beautiful water displays in your bird bath or pond is now simple, the outdoor floating fountains range of nozzle attachments allows you to create either an ideal breeze or fountain spray. Solar PoweredUtilizes energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar technology with no extra battery or electricity needed. Start-Up Fast Start automatically when it gets enough sunshine. Brushless MotorProvides enough pump power with stable performance and long service time. Different NozzlesIt comes with different nozzle attachments for creating different water stream effects, and you can choose one for the ideal breeze and fountain spray. Great DecorIt works beautifully in your bird bath to produce a nice fountain for birds to enjoy. As for pond, it can float on the surface of the pond to create beautiful water displays. Specifications Name Solar Powered Landscape Submersible Fountain Type Solar Powered Fountain Color Black Power Supply Solar Powered Power of Solar Panel 7V / 1.4W Size of Solar Panel 160 mm x 160mm Power of Pump DC7V / 140mA Max Flow Quantity of Pump 200L / h Spray Height 30-60cm (Different nozzles, different height) Product Weight 255g Package Weight 300g Package Size 20 x 20 x 10 cm (L x W x H) Package Contents 1 x Set of Solar-Powered Landscape Fountain 1 x Instruction

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