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si766lvb2 650nm 5mw red light laser diodes set golden 5 pcs купить по лучшей цене

5V laser head dot laser diode copper semiconductor laser diode; Outer diameter: 6mm; Wavelength: 650nm; Power: 5mA; Please pay attention to the battery safety prevent battery from short circuit burning or explosion by dismounting the battery; Good monochromaticity good coherence and good directivity high brightness; Mainly use for laser toy various gradienter rotating laser level; And it can make electronic pointer pen; HF-LD; Micro liquid crystal display; Long distance sound monitor; Long distance light control anti-theft alarm; Long distance laser wireless communication; This laser head is composed of Luminous tube core condensing lens adjustable copper cover; They are assembled and the lens is adjusted; Can be used directly via connecting to 5V power supply
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