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In the production of interactive work with Arduino I often use some common sensor or circuit module . It is certainly possible for those who are familiar with electronic circuits in terms of universal board with bread board or set up some simple module circuit but for those who are not familiar with the circuit or the slightly more complex circuit is concerned it seems not so fit . With this expansion board can be easily connected with a number of analog sensor used such as light sensors. With the support of this expansion board and the corresponding circuit module we only need a dedicated cable to connect the appropriate sensor modules with Arduino part of the circuit is complete. Due to the specific details of the circuit by a corresponding sensor module to achieve because some need to consider just how we write in the corresponding Arduino program to read these sensors pass over the data on it. V08 version also uses stackable design and the restaurant can be used in conjunction with other expansion boards . It also modifies the digital sensor line sequence interface easier to connect various sensors can be directly connected to the servo motor ; Meanwhile changing expansion board is also equipped with a power switch you can easily switch between 3.3V with 5V voltage.
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