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sending rope rooster mascot guard natural obsidian statue of the buddha real life купить по лучшей цене

Do you feel unprepared for everyday life in an English-speaking world? Then REAL WRITING is just what you need. You can develop the skills you need to write confidently in any situation - whether you're completing a form or sending an email. Activities based around the themes of Social and Travel and Work and Study cover a range of everyday situations and really help you to feel sure of the English you're using in your daily life. Feel more confident writing in English. A range of tasks based on real-life situations and texts will give you confidence in any situation. Develop strategies for different types of writing. Learning tips throughout the book will help you develop the writing skills that you need. Check your progress. A unit-by-unit checklist, based on the ALTE Can-do statements, lets you see what you have learned - and feel proud of it! This book also gives you: - cultural notes, helping you to feel comfortable in the English-speaking world - the chance to take your learning off the page and into your daily life, through extra "real world" practice tasks - extra tasks for pair and group work, giving you even more opportunities to get it right! Teachers can visit the dedicated website at to access complete teaching notes.

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