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Zodiac Men do not always come from Mars. There are six Zodiac Men who come from Venus. The Zodiac Men who come from Mars are archetypal men: Aries Man is a warrior; Gemini Man is an inventor; Leo Man is a leader; Libra Man is a statesman; Sagittarius Man is an Explorer, and Aquarius Man a Pioneer. The six Zodiac Men who come from Venus have a strong feminine side: Taurus Man is a gourmet; Cancer Man a homemaker; Virgo Man is an intellectual; Scorpio Man is a Svengali, Capricorn Man is an ambassador.All Zodiac Men will play the LOVE GAME in the way they know best: Aries Man will fight to win the object of his desire; Taurus Man will cosset and spoil; Gemini Man will entertain and intrigue; Cancer Man will comfort and protect; Leo Man will dazzle and flatter; Virgo Man will cosset and care; Libra Man will charm and pamper; Scorpio Man will pursue and commit; Sagittarius Man will amuse and delight; Capricorn Man will persevere and support. The Aquarian man is strong and determined. Pisces Man will soothe and sympathise. There should be no slaves, no prisoners and no victims in the LOVE GAME!This is Lizanne's second book after her successful first book Zodiac Women And The Love Game. Her final book is Know Your Zodiac Child.

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