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The slide bearing with the floating ring bearing is used in fast rotating rotor machines or planetary gears. Have the following advantages: small resistance movement, little sensitivity to changes of a journal bearing rotational speed, good vibration damping, good heat abstraction from a bearing. The right choice of structural characteristics has a great influence on the bearing nodes operation. The construction development imposes on bearings with a floating ring and their nodes high requirements and it determines the necessity of adopting the effective design methods. The theoretical models of the bearing nodes they should precisely describe a real operating conditions of the bearing. In initial calculations often we use simplified models. The present work has described the design process of slide bearings with the floating ring bearing where the author for both initial and checking calculations accepted the adiabatic model of a finite length bearing which very precisely reflects the real operating conditions. Particular design stages were depicted in the form of a structural chart and discussed using calculation examples. For discussed calculations examples in a checking calc

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