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sbc8260 rev long a6 pci card купить по лучшей цене

1. Extend more SATA 3.0 data interfaces; 2. Speed for SATA III up to 6.0Gbps; 3. Meet for SATA rev 3.0&PCI E 2.0; 4. Win XP / Vista / 7; High quality 2 SATA 3.0 & 2 eSATA 3.0 2 Ports PCI-E Express Card adapter; (1). Features: 1. Extend more SATA 3.0 data interfaces and support more storage devices. 2. Meet for PCI Express 2.0 and SATA revision 3.0; 3. Speed for SATA III up to 6.0Gbps compatible with SATA I and SATA II. 4. PCI Express speed rate to 2.5G/S double channels 5. Completely support for SATA for immediate working with plug 6. Support for Win XP/VISTA/7(32 bits/64bits) (2)System Requirement 1.Suitable for desktop computer at least with one PCI-E 1X (rev.2.0-500M bandwidth rev 1.0-250M) PCI-E 4X8X and 16X slots. 2. Completely support for SATA 3.0 interfaces. 3. With chipset ASM1061 from ASMEDIA and 2 SATA 3 interfaces transfer speed to 6.0Gbps two times than SATA 2.0. Speed for SATA3.0-- 6Gbp Speed for SATA2.0--300MB/S; Speed for SATA1.0--150MB/S; 4.For Industry AHCI Compliant 5.Hot-plug capability 6.Support Native Command Queuing (NCQ) 7.Out-of-the-Box is for Windows Linux and Mac OS X 10.6 and above (Check AHCI detail OS list) 8.Compatible with SATA (III II I) Hard Drives SSD etc 9.Support for 2TB hard disk
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