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s type thermocouple wrp 100 platinum and rhodium thermocouple probe length 225mm probe head temperature sensor 1300 c купить по лучшей цене

Screw size: M6mm; Tail cable length: 147cm; Tail cable material: Shielded cable; Thermocouples are one of the most common industrial temperature detecting element. Features: - High accuracy: Measured by a thermocouple in direct contact with the object is not affected by the medium. - Wide measurement range: -50~1600'C. Some special thermocouple lowest measured -269 ℃ (such as Gold and Iron nickel-chromium) up to +2800 ℃ (such as tungsten rhenium) - Simple structure convenient to use. Thermocouples are usually composed of two different wires but without size and connector restrictions outer protective casing. The basic principles of thermocouple: Soldering together the two different materials A and B conductors or semiconductors to form a closed loop when the temperature difference exists between the two attachment points 1 / 2 of conductor A / B it generates an electromotive force and a current formed in the loop the phenomenon known as thermoelectric effect. Thermocouple type and structure formation: - Types: Standard / Non-standard - Structure formation: 1. Welding thermocouple consists of two heat electrodes must be firmly; 2. Two hot electrodes should be well insulated to each other prevent short circuits​; 3. Thermocouple compensation wire is connected to the free end of convenient and reliable​; 4. Protective casing should be able to ensure the thermal electrode isolation from harmful media​.
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