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Track List: 01. Company Comin' - Red Foley02. At The Woodchoppers Ball - Slim Wilson Band03. Oakie Boogie - Chuck Bowers04. Come And Knock - Roy Acuff05. Oh Lonesome Me - June Webb06. Crazy Little Guitar Man - Red Foley07. Lover Come Back To Me - Roy Lanham08. Blues In My Mind - Slim Wilson Band09. Three Bears - Leon Mcauliffe10. Don't Know Why - Roy Acuff11. The Fox Chase - Jimmy Riddle12. Afraid - June Webb13. Night Train To Memphis - Red Foley & Roy Acuff14. Smokey Mountain Gal - Howdy Forester & Bashful Brother Oswald15. Weary Blues - Bashful Brother Oswald16. Family Man - Frankie Miller17. Sugar Moon - Slim Wilson Band18. Instrumental - Roy Lanham19. Guitar Boogie - Speedy Holworth20. South - Slim Wilson Band21. Money Marbles & Chalk - Rex Allen22. Dynamite - Brenda Lee23. Speak To Me - Sonny James24. Young Love - Sonny James25. Be Ready - The Marksman26. If You Want Some Lovin' - Susie Arden27. A Break For Some Country Humour Followed By Some Square Dancing With The Jubilee Serenaders28. On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine - Brenda Lee & Rex Allen

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