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DVD 1: The Palace Of Auburn Hills Detroit. Ml 27/11/92 01. Creatures Of The Night02. Deuce03. I Just Wanna04. Unholy05. Parasite06. Heaven's On Fire07. Domino08. Watchin' You09. War Machine10. Rock And Roll All Nite11. Lick It Up12. Take It Off13. I Love It Loud14. Detroit Rock City15. God Gave Rock N' Roll 16. To You Il17. Love Gun18. Star Spangled Banner MTV Unplugged: Behind The Scenes 1995 MTV Unplugged Sony Studios New York. Ny 9/8/9519. Comin Home20. Plaster Caster21. Goin Blind22. Do You Love Me23. Domino24. Got To Choose25. Sure Know Something26. A World Without He Roes27. Hard Luck Woman28. Rock Bottom29. See You Tonite30. I Si I Li Love You31. Every Time I Look At You32. Heaven Son Fire33. Spit34. C'mon And Love Me35. God Of Thunder36. 2.000 Man37. Beth38. Nothin To Lose39. Rock And Roll All Nite DVD 2: Tiger Stadium Detroit. Ml 28/6/96 01. Deuce02. King Of The Night Time World03. Do You Love Me04. Calling Dr. Love05. Cold Gin06. Christine Sixteen07. Love Gun08. Shout It Out Loud09. Watchin' You10. Firehouse11. Strutter12. Shock Me13. Rock Bottom14. God Of Thunder15. Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll16. 100.000 Years17. Rock And Roll All Nite MTV VMA Performance Brooklyn Bridge 4/9/96 18. Rock And Roll All Nite19. New York Groove20. Deuce21. Calling Dr. Love22. Love Gun Dodger Stadium Los Angeles. Ca 31/10/98 Part One23. Psycho Circus24. Shout It Out Loud25. Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll26. Shock Me27. Do You Love Me28. Calling Dr Love29. Firehouse30. Cold Gin31. Nothin' To Lose32....

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