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This book Swarm robot is an approach to robotics applications in which a large group of mobile robots coordinate to perform tasks. The core idea of this is that a lot of relatively simple robots can perform difficult tasks as good as few complex ones. Swarm robots are mainly composed of many individuals and have the following features; the individuals are relatively homogeneous, the individuals are relatively incapable, the interactions among the individuals are based on simple behavioural rules that exploit only local information, the overall behaviour results from a self-organized process. Swarm robotics in real world requires a large number of robots and thus enough room for experimentation. Therefore, to implement such experiments with limited budget, robots should be compact and low cost.The main objectives of this project are for educational purposes and as a development platform for an intelligent software middleware to coordinate the activities of a swarm. This work purely focuses upon designing a hardware platform of swarm robots which is a tool to test Swarm intelligence algorithm pointing on a novel approach to the coordination of many individual robots to perform a task

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