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Rediscover the Open Road!Make the most of the historic 'Main Street of America' from quirky cosmopolitan Chicago and St. Louis, southwest through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, to sunny chic Los Angeles. Road Trip USA: Route 66 is roadside Americana at your fingertips!Inside Road Trip USA: Route 66 you'll find:Excerpted from Road Trip USAMile-by-mile highlights celebrating the best of Route 66 like The Grand Canyon, Cadillac Ranch, Tinkertown, and London Bridge, as well as the parks, diners, and the local history that makes each small town and big city uniqueDriving maps covering the entire historic route to help you do as the song says and 'get your kicks on Route 66'Full-color vintage and modern photos and illustrations of America both then and now in a slim, portable guideRoadside curiosities and detours reveal the personalities of small towns and thriving cities along the routeExpert advice from road-warrior Jamie Jensen, who has zoomed along nearly 400,000 miles of highway in search of the perfect stretches of pavementRoad Trip USA: Route 66 is so full of the beauty of the American road, why wait to start your next adventure? Hit the Road!

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