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The book entitled ‘Separatism in India: A Case Study of Jammu and Kashmir’ is a sincere attempt to study both theoretical and practical dimensions of separatism not only in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but other parts of India which are posing a serious concern to it and it’s polity since independence. Whereas first chapter speaks of the conceptual distinction of ‘separation’ and ‘secession’, second chapter discusses their contextual applications and working in global federal polities such as America, Canada, Russia, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Nigeria, Burma, and Pakistan .In the third chapter, a detailed evaluation of this phenomenon is made in the context of India. In the fourth chapter, partition of India, Instrument of Accession, Article 370 and its implications and role of Plebiscite Front reflect the genesis and growth of separatism in Jammu and Kashmir. The fifth chapter studies in detail the rise of militancy in the state. Post 9/11 scenario is analyzed in the sixth chapter whereas seventh chapter is empirical study of people’s perception based on a comprehensive survey done by the author. Finally, the findings of the study are recorded in the form of conclusions.

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