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Music drama in one act / Deutsche Opera Berlin In Petr Weigl's production of Richard Strauss's powerful and erotic one-act opera,Catherine Malfitano produces a spellbinding performance as Salome,a role which demands the utmost physical and emotional commitment throughout the complex vocal passages and choreographed scenes. During a banguetJochanaan (John the Baptist) proclaims, from his prison cell, the coming of the Messiah. He is brought for Salome to see and she.fasdnated by him, makes an advance, which he shuns, urging her not to follow the ways of her mother, Herodias. When Jochanaan is taken back to his cell, Herod asks Salome to dance,and she agrees on condition that she will be granted a wish.After her Dance of the Seven Veils, she demands the head of Jochanaan, which Herod is forced to have brought to her. She fondles and kisses it until the revolted Herod orders his soldiers to crush her with their shields.

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