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This book has principally dealt about the students’ perception and the major areas of their difficulties in learning English of the students of some selected institutions in Bangladesh. Social and cultural atmosphere of this area in which students have been raised, reasons of students' inadequate support and their experience of learning English in schools, colleges and Islamic University in Kushtia-Jhenaidah districts have been assessed through administering a questionnaire and talking to students and teachers informally outside classroom hours. The questionnaire has incapacitated to understand the learners’ perceptions about studying English, teachers' approaches either positive or negative towards the students, causes of students' incapacity of learning English and so on. This book has also attempted an extensive analysis on the basis of information/data collected by means of interviews with several students, teachers and relevant persons from the selected schools, colleges in Kushtia-Jhenaidah and Islamic University, Bangladesh. The analysis helps to identify the attitude of learners'/students' to the present system of English learning and the difficulties they are facing.
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