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The Wired Full Size Gaming Keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users that love gaming and love their shortcuts. This keyboard features multifunctional hotkeys that give you quick access to your media player tools, as well as the ability to lock your Windows key. Changeable LED backlight. You can switch the Blue / Purple / Red to single mode or make it a BLN. Pretty cool for dark side playing. Ideal for gamers, the N-Key Rollover allows up to 19 keys to be pressed as the same time. The smooth and crisp tactile feedback allows you to have a faster, more accurate typing experience and contains 45-50g of actuation force! Features Built-in solid metal plate for more stable and durable use. Ergonomic design. The toughened ABS material features lightweight to type and comfort to touch. Pretty cool fire cracks design for game lovers, making it outstanding on the crew combat. Blue / Purple / Red backlight to switch. The N-Key rollover function permits up to 19 keys to be pressed at the same time- a great advantage for gamers and typists. The USB cable can be safely routed to the front, left, or right of the keyboard, without worries of fraying from constant movement, while saving desktop space. Specifications Name USB Wired keyboard Keyboard Connectivity Technology Cable Number of Keys 104 Keys Layout QWERTY Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface USB 2.0 Key Material ABS Built-in Solid Plate Yes Cable Length 1.4M Switch Life Over 50 million cycles Product Size 47 x 19.5 cm Product Weight 1.05kg Package Size 53 x 24 x 7 cm Package Weight 1.37kg
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