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raid r700 battery 67y2647 original well tested working one year warranty купить по лучшей цене

Lunar New Year Cost and Supply Fluctuation: the manufacturer of this product is currently on Lunar New Year long holiday and is not supplying products. To ensure customers receive products quickly DX is buying these products from excess inventories held in the market. Because of this cost and availability tend to quickly fluctuate. This situation is expected to end and the availability of the product is expected to return to normal shortly after Lunar New Year or around early February 2009. Is your NDS screen broken? Here's the cure: the NDS lower LCD replacement module. . * Important: professional installation required. Please read the warranty disclaimer under the specifications section before purchasing. . * 100% tested for quality assurance and guarded against DOA. . * Bright/dark spots (aka dead pixels) disclosure: These LCD screens may suffer from a few dead pixels. This is not covered by warranty. In the meantime we do our best to test and ship perfect screens. . * Special Warranty: This is a DIY part requiring professional installation. DX can only provide the part as-is because we do not have the tools in-house to QC these things one by one. While there are many customers receiving perfect products there are also reports on defective units. These are Sharp products and all screens are 100% pre-tested by the manufacturer and are packaged in a hard protective carton box for shipment. Should your screen become defective within 1 month of delivery DX will replace the screen for you and you will be responsible for the shipping the product back to our HK office via an online trackable method (buy insurance to guard against package lost while in transit). DX will cover the shipping cost of the replacement shipment after receiving the defective unit. . * Please read the warranty disclaimer in the specifications section before purchasing.
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