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Description: 4pcs 3K 8mm x 10mm x 500mm Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube Boom for Multicopter 10 * 8mm carbon fiber tube, high strength, corrosion resistance. surface smoothness, straightness good carbon fiber tube. Strength is 8-10 times higher than ordinary steel, but weighs only about 1/5 of steel. It has good electrical conductivity and very good tensile strength. Specifications: Material: 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Dimensions: Length: 500mm Outer Diameter: 10mm Inner Diameter: 8mm Applied: stunt kites, mechanical equipment, robotics. Quantity: 4pcs Features: Also known as carbon fiber tube carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber tube. Is the use of high-tech carbon fiber composite material made of prepreg. Carbon fiber tube with high strength, stiffness, load bearing performance. Good corrosion resistance, good material stability. Decorative carbon fiber tube at the same time has the appearance of 3D effects. It can be used instead of metal, plastic and other material members. Package Included: 4 x Carbon Fiber Tube More Deatils:
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